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Meiosis Ltd.


MEIOSIS, established in l989 in the name of NSA Plants, was the brainchild of major soft fruit and tree fruit propagators together with leading soft fruit marketing groups in the UK.

Designed to work closely with fruit breeding programmes throughout the world, MEIOSIS task was then and is now to introduce new cultivars to the fruit industry.








PROMO-FRUIT promotes, markets and licenses the plants, plants parts and fruits of its exclusive varieties under attractive registered trademarks which, over the years, have acquired extensive commercial value.








Mazzoni Nurseries boasts first class technological equipment, making it one of the leading European companies in the sector: each year it is dedicated to the open field production of more than 200 hectares of plants and 15 hectares of greenhouses with electronically controlled irrigation systems to grow the potted strawberry plants.






New Fruits


New Fruits is a private Italian company that operates in the strawberry breeding.

New Fruts is one of the largest Nursery of high quality planting material of strawberry in Italy.

The most common varieties of New Fruits are Alba, Asia, Roxana, Syria.

New Fruits Varieties grown in many European countries. These varieties have been tested in Ukraine and showed excellent results in various areas of cultivation.







R.W. Walpole Ltd.


R.W.Walpole Ltd is a long established and specialist horticultural business committed to the propagation of the best and most exciting varieties of soft fruit.






Berry Plant


Italian nursery specialized on blueberry, raspberry and blackberry plants. Company has it's own breeding program for raspberries.






Dekoplant Ltd.


Ukrainian-Dutch JV. The largest nursery of ornamental plants (rose bushes) in Ukraine. Offers high quality plants of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries for professional growers and for hobby market.




Adana 3 Ltd.


The company is a producer of berries (strawberries, blackberries and blueberries) and certified planting material of strawberries in Ukraine since 2006.



Melen Ltd.


Melen Ltd. is a producer of berries (strawberry and raspberry) to the fresh market. Since 2016, the company produce certified planting material of strawberry.